How is to share a place?

House and Flats is definitely an opportunity to create bonds with new people and from other countries. With opportunities as simple as sharing an apartment, you can create friendship with people that can teach you about their culture and show you the country where you are.

Victor is chilean and Juliane is german . They both share an apartment in which they live. They say that the experience has been good, since it has allowed them to share with new people.

🏡 Tell me about yourself, what do you do? Are you  students or do you work? In what? Where you come from?

-Victor: I Study and work. I study Engineering in Business Administration at Universidad Mayor and I work as Foreign Trade Manager at Alimentos del Pedregal.

-Juliane: My name is Juliane and I am an exchange student here in Santiago at Universidad Del Desarrollo (UDD) for one semester. Normally I study international Business but for this semester, I chose Santiago for my exchange. However, I am from Germany and come from Wiesbaden which is in the centre of Germany.

🏡 How has your experience with house and flats been?

-Juliane: I think it was very easy to book a room which also scared me in the first place, because in Germany it is quite formal and complicated to rent a room. But it worked out very fine and I received great support.

🏡 Has it changed your life to work with House and Flats? I understand you’re sharing the place. How has that been?

-Victor: The coexistence has been good.

-Juliane: It helped to live in an authentic chilean apartment and I got the chance to also live with a chilean student. However, I also realized that their lifestyle is quite different to the one of exchange students so that our plans didn’t overlap too much.

🏡 The experience of sharing the place has been good?

-Victor: Yes, we have a good coexistence.

-Juliane: It has been nice, but we both are quite busy so that we don’t spend too much time in the apartment.

🏡 And living together has taught you a little more about each others culture?

-Victor: Yes, although I must admit that we do not always share due to the different activities that each one does. Study at night and day work, so my time is limited to share (and therefore, nourish myself of their culture)

-Juliane: He helped me to improve my Spanish and I could definitely learn some things about how the youth of Chile behaves. So overall, it was a nice experience

🏡 What do you rescue the most from this experience?

-Victor: The opportunity to live with people from other countries

-Juliane: I think the most valuable thing for me was to learn the language and being able to practice my Spanish!

🏡 Would you recommend this service to others? Why? It’s good?

-Victor: Yes, I think it’s a good idea to share an apartment with more people. In Europe it is common to live with unknown people, and I think there is very little in Santiago. I think it’s ideal for people who study in Santiago and do not have a fixed place to live. In addition to finding a good place (clean, safe), it is very important to be able to share with new people and thus meet more people, either at the level of contacts / friendships.

-Juliane: I would recommend it because it is very convenient and trustworthy and it worked out very smoothly! It helped me to find a room from Europe and it was nice to be able to trust the company!

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