My experience with House and Flats

Alejandra Garzón rents for House and Flats.

– How did you find House and Flats?

I found House and Flats while searching at the web,  googling.

-What do you think of the services offered by House and Flats? How has it been working with us?

From 1 to 7, a 6. Sometimes there were problems with the organisation, for example I told them about the possible dates for visiting the apartment and then they set a date I was not available. When it came to signing the contract a similar situation happened. I also gave information about the initial preferences of tenants and they did not exactly consider it 100%.

– Would you recommend House and Flats to someone who wants to rent their property?

Yes, the truth is that I would recommend it.

-What’s the best thing about House and Flats?

It gives me security as there is a filter that sorts out the facilities when it comes to share the property.

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