How’s been my experience renting a place for H&F

Jairo Olivares rents a room for House and Flats.

-How did you get to House and Flats?

I think you came to contact me.

-What do you think of the experience offered by House and Flats? How has it been working with us?

Good, the truth is that I had the opportunity to rent the place to a girl and everything worked, so the experience has been good, the girl liked the place and rented.

– What do you think we could do as House and Flats to deliver a better service?

It has not been so fast, because I had this room for rent for two months and it took a long time to find someone that wanted to rent it. You could work you’re fluency to be faster and more effective.

– Would you recommend this system of house and flats to someone who wants to rent  their property?

Yes, obviously because it worked for me.

-What’s the best thing about House and Flats? What is the best thing to work with us?

You make a check of the person before it rents the property  and that gives me safety, because that previous check that you do allows me to be more calmed because it is supposed to be recommended by you.

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