From Spain to Chile

Elena Castillejo arrived from Valsequillo, Spain to Santiago, Chile for her exchange semester in Universidad Católica on august 2018. Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with her and she told us about her experiences with House and Flats and about living in Santiago.

How did you experience changing the place you were living for a  new one with House and Flats?

The change was very good and necessary, we noticed a lot the differences, in a good way. After arriving we were living in the neighbourhood called San Miguel and that area is not very good for students, so we decided to move. Cristian (House and Flats) not only did the favour of picking us up and taking us to the new place but also helped us during the moving in. We are now in the centre of Santiago which is more calm and also has more freedom. All in all it was really good idea to change.

-How did you get in touch with Cristian? 

We were in a group called “Chile Pregunté” with many spaniards. This group helps you finding accommodation and Cristian answered to one of my questions. He told me about his company which was exactly what i was looking for.

-What do you think of the Welcome Kit that House and Flats gave you? As you may know, the kit contains bracelet with benefits, discount coupons, slippers, wine, bip card, SIM card.

Well, the wine was great, the rest we haven’t tried it out or used yet, but I am sure later it will be very useful for us.

-What do you think about that the company? Besides managing a place where you can live during your stay in Chile, House and Flats also gives you other benefits like the Welcome Kit?

To be honest I think it is a great! It helps a lot for foreigners who are not sure what to do when arriving to Chile. Yes, it is pretty good.

-How was your relationship with the company?

It has been very good, we have been in contact all the time.

-What do you think of the services of House and Flats? Does being part of the House and Flats community make your stay better?

My experience with them has been very good. Everything went smoothly and I was calm because I knew I already had everything in the apartment. Knowing that the place is even equipped and we don’t have to worry about other details made me very happy.

-Would you recommend House and Flats to someone who would like to do an exchange in Chile?

Yes, I have already recommended it to two people, although I don’t know yet if they had the chance to contact you. But  I informed two of my friends from Spain who came here for their exchange semester.

-What is the best thing about House and Flats?

The service they help you find your accommodation.

-And what about the experience we give you? I am not sure if you have seen but we have a blog in which you can also look for information or just know a little more about the places. Do you think this is something that helps  you?

The blog definitely works. We were reading  it and it has a lot of useful information, so i find it very good.

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