An internship from Holland

Luc Groen arrived in Chile at the end of august 2018. He came from the city Gravenhage in Holland to Santiago to do his internship in Keyocoin, located in the city. 

-How’s been your experience with house and flats?

Good. I checked the website and I thought that this site was one of the best sites where I could choose a place to stay. I’m comfortable, I’m happy here.

-What do you think about the activities that House and Flats organises like trips and stuff like that, do you think it is a good thing?

Yes. I think that it is a good thing to collaborate and it’s a good thing to meet new people. I’m happy with that, indeed.   

-What do you think about the welcome kit? In the one we give you a bracelet with benefits, discount coupons, slippers, wine, bip card, SIM card

I really enjoyed the wine, but it was a bit late. For example, when I got it I already had a SIM card so it was a little late but I think that discounts for trips it is a really good idea. 

-What’s the best thing that House and Flats offers you?

I was at the airport when I got here, and everything was new for me, so I called a person from House and Flats, and this person picked up his phone and that gave me more trust in House and Flats, because maybe he wasn’t at work, but he was working for me at that moment so that was a really nice thing, that they didn’t see me as a number but as a person. 

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