Trekking in Santiago

During the last years, trekking or hiking has taken a lot of force in the sports of Chileans. This, because it can be done at different ages, can be collective or individual, as well as being able to enjoy and be in contact with nature.

For this reason, we will show here some of the hills where most trekking in Santiago is practiced:

Cerro Manquehue

Probably, when you get to Santiago, this hill will get your attention. Besides that it can be seen from almost all points of the capital, it has the shape of a volcano. During the weekends there are many people that goes to the “Manquehue” in order to climb more than 1,500 meters. As it can be seen from almost the whole city, if you go after a rainy day, you will have a unique view of the entire city.

Salto de Apoquindo

A walk for all kinds of people, it does not have any difficulty. It is a walk that takes all day, but  you will have your reward because on the way you will find different waterfalls. It has different paths, some more difficult  than others, but not impossible. It is necessary to go with the right shoes, because at a certain point, you could slip.

The best date to do this is during the spring, as there will be sun, but not too much heat.

Cerro Pochoco

It is one of the most popular hiking routes for Santiaguinos. While it is not very demanding (suitable for the whole family), it requires some experience, so it is important to have sneakers with grip and perhaps, poles, since all height quickly.

It is recommended during winter or spring, since the surface is firmer and less dusty. It has an average duration of 4 hours between round trips.

San Carlos de Apoquindo Natural Park

At the end of the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, in the pre-cordillera, the San Carlos de Apoquindo Natural Park appears, from where different hiking routes start, ranging from 5 to 12 kilometers. It is a must, since, its paths are not very difficult, the view that you will have from the top of the mountain is something unpayable.

Cerro Provincia

High demand. If you are a trekking lover and have good physical condition, you can do it and you will not regret it, because due to its height (2,750 meters) you will have unique views of the valley of Santiago. It is necessary to be physically prepared as well as in terms of equipment, such as shoes and canes. It is recommended to do it during the spring, in order to avoid excessive heat or winter snow.



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