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Gastronomy in our country is characterized by the different flavors that you can find throughout our territory. The “chilean criolla cuisine”, as it is called, is a mixture between different elements such as indigenous, spanish and french. With this, during the twentieth century the national food began to have a marked line on their favorite dishes and flavors. Here, we´ll  present you the most famous and preferred preparations of our country:


Consumed by all the countries of the Andes, the “humita”, in Chile, is a food that consists of a dough which is generated through ground corn mixed with onion, basil, and sometimes, chili. This dough is wrapped inside a leaf, called corn, and all that is cooked in salted water. It is for people “sweet” and “salty”, because you can eat with both ingredients, sugar or salt.  Also, many people add tomatoes. A typical Chilean dish.


Although, the cazuela is the name of the recipient in which it is served, in our country, the cazuela is one of the foods preferred by the Chileans, because of  the homemade feeling that it gives to the people. This preparation consists of different vegetables, such as squash, corn, potatoes, accompanied by beef, chicken, or turkey, depending on the preference of each person. Sometimes, you can add rice. It is a tasty dish especially on cold days.

Porotos granados

Dish only Chilean, whose origin comes from the field. It consists of “porotos” (beans), with onion, squash and garlic. Generally, in this dish, the beans are accompanied by a “Chilean salad” (tomato and onion) or “pebre” (tomato chopped into small pieces with onions, cilantro, garlic and chili).


This dish, typical of Chile, Argentina and Peru, consists of a charqui stew with squash, potatoes and peas. As an option for charqui, beef is also used. There is also the possibility of adding fried onions and chard. Before serving the dish, the squash and potatoes are smashed and then the charqui or beef is added. Sometimes, you can add a fried egg, which can also replace charqui or meat.

Machas a la parmesana

Typical dish and 100% Chilean. The “machas”, known worldwide, are eaten raw or with lemon juice, much like seafood. But in Chile, some genius had the idea of preparing them in a different way that turned out to be a true success. The preparation consists of putting the macha on a shell, add salt, white wine, buttery cheese and finally a dash of  parmesan cheese. As a result, you will have the exquisite “machas a la parmesana” that you will want to try again right away.

Caldillo de Congrio

Another typical Chilean dish. Although, it is not a complex dish to prepare, it is famous for two reasons, its exquisite flavor, as well as being one of the favorites of the poet Pablo Neruda, who had a recipe that became famous. The dish consists of a “congrio”, a fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean, with onions, tomatoes, lemon, white wine, carrots, potatoes and cilantro. Finally, you will have an excessively tasty broth next to the flesh of the fish, which is very soft.


Known in other countries of South America, the “anticucho” is a type of brochette consisting of a skewer or iron with pieces of meat and other foods. In the Chilean case, it becomes very present during the national holidays and is usually present in every grill and barbeque. Our anticucho can count on different ingredients, the most common being meat, chicken, longanizas, sausages, onion, peppers and carrots, depending on the taste of each person. Delicious.


Typical Chilean dish and “porteño” (from the port), born in Valparaíso, in the V Region. It consists of a plate of French fries that are mixed with sausages, fried onions, fried eggs and sometimes “longanizas”. They say that the idea was to make a cheap version of the “bife a lo pobre” (steak with fried onion and fried egg). It is an exquisite dish to share from 2 to more people, perfect to eat it accompanied by friends and a good beer. The classic and historic restaurant of “chorrillanas” is located in Valparaíso, called the “J. Cruz”. Despite that, you will find this dish anywhere in the country.

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