The Chilean Antarctic

As some of you may know, Chile has the characteristic of having territory in three different continents. There is Continental Chile, our country, located in South America, where the most important cities are and where almost all Chileans reside. Also, Chile has territory in Oceania, with Salas and Gómez islands and the famous Easter Island. But in addition to this, our country also has territory in the Antarctic continent, located at the southern tip of our planet, in the southernmost area of ​​the entire globe.

The Chilean Antarctic has a population of 150 people, where, according to the last census, 54 are civilians and 96 are military. All of these are located in the Villa Las Estrellas (where is located  the Eduardo Frei Montalva Base – the main base on the white continent -) located 950 kilometers from Puerto Williams.

The Chilean surface in Antarctica represents 60% of the total area of ​​Chile, with 1,250,257 km2. The vast majority of the Chilean Antarctic territory is covered by layers of ice, which can exceed 1,200 meters underground.

Within the Chilean territory is the highest mountains of the entire Antarctic continent, the Vinson Massif, Mount Tyree and Mount Shinn.

Chile currently has 13 operation al establishments, among which there are 4 shelters and 9 Antarctic bases.

Finally, the most striking in terms of wildlife in the national territory are birds, such as penguins and seagulls, as well as the sea elephant, whales and sea lions.

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