Sunset: chilean “once”

As you have noticed, Chile is a country with quite particular traditions. One of them is the chilean “once”.

This traditional habit of chilean families is based on tea time in England or snack time in Spain and consists of a meeting at the table during sunset, in order to share bread with different ingredients, like butter, ham, egg , avocado, among many, besides tea, coffee or milk.

The good thing is that the “once” is different in each house, since it varies according to the taste of each person and family. Many opt for a type of bread, as it can be the delicious marraqueta, the hallulla, the mold bread or any of the different types offered by bakeries. Besides, people with a sweeter taste add some cake, pie or kuchen.

In fact, over the years, these home flavors have expanded incorporating different products, such as things from the sea, the authenticity of the “once” remains. Actually, it is like a  “brunch” but for the afternoon, since many times families decide to do an abundant “once” that manages to combine a great e “once-comida” ( once mixed with meal).

A tradition that is still maintained, and that you probably want to incorporate into your daily life, especially on a Sunday.


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