From Austria to Santiago, Chile

Lukas Mirtl is a 23 years old student. He is cursing his exchange in Business Administration at Universidad del Desarrollo.

“Be a chilean student is such a nice experience. It isn’t common for a regular european because it is located at the end of the world. For some people this is a step back, but that’s why I took this opportunity. I was hook up by this unkown adventure.

After a long trip around Latin America. I can tell that Chile is a developed country with modern buildings, stable institutions and safe. This is an advantage choosing the place where you are going to do your exchange.

At first, Chile may be hard for those who don’t manage the chilean language. But, afterall, you achieve this goal with help of local people. They are very nice and treat well everyone.

This country allows you to travel along the most diverse kind of landscapes. Through the Atacama desert to Patagonia. Also the Andes mountain range gives me the feeling of being at home because of its similarity with the Alps.

My experience has been a success so far. After a year I met incredible people and made amazing friends for life.

For everyone who wants to come to Chile I recommend you to spend time with local people. It allows you to have different perspectives about their culture and improve your spanish. Nowadays I feel more latin than I never imagine haha.”


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