Why Chile? Exchange french experience

Antoine Jupin is a french guy who choose to spend a time studying at Santiago. He was part of an exchange program between universities and here you can read about his experience by his own words:

“Like many, before coming I didn’t know much about the country. As a football big fan I was enganged with chilean players in Europe.So I took the chance to travel and live in this unknown world.

When I was preparing my trip I thought that I would be with Native American Indians, like Mapuches. In the other hand there was a prejudice that there were dangerous people, which locals named “flaytes”. I couldn’t be more wrong because I found an incredible, modern and safe country.

I can tell that I met amazing foreign and local people “buena onda” that nowadays I can call my friends. I couldn’t reach this awesome journey in other place than Chile.

All the different landscapes that you can meet in Chile took me to visit every corner. You will find deserts, rivers, forest  through a long and narrow land surrounded by a mountain range and a large coastline.

As advice, I can tell that have a good accommodation is vital along your stay. You will be able to share with a lot of people, travel everywhere and feel comfortable with your temporary home. Be an exchange student will improve your mind and develop your personality.

The ONLY thing is that sometimes you miss your culture, but you will never regret it!”

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