California girl in the Chilean capital

Rose Massa landed in Chile directly from United States. She told to H&F her exchange experience during her stay in Santiago:

“Chile is a wonderful country for anyone. It isn’t a place full of tourist but has all kind of friendly people. Without going any further, the other day I was having problems with a bending machine and someone saw the stituation and help me.

Living here has been incredible. So of anyone is thinking to have a experience abroad take the chance of Chile. You will not regret it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a traveller, backpacker or a student. There is a perfect combination between  people and landscapes. Santiago is a nice and modern city which allows you to have all the amenities. Practice sports like doing trekking in the near hills…

…By the way, maybe you miss your family or home, but friends that I met here will last forever. Even if they are locals or from around the world. And thats a reason to travel more and discover new places and cultures.

At last, I cannot set aside all the big moments that I treasure in my heart as the events, parties and travels along this unique country. My favorite places was Torres del Paine and San Pedro de Atacama.

As advice, travel as much as posible but don’t forget to discover what Santiago brings to you. Improve your spanish, party a lot and the most important, enjoy the best experience of your life!”

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