H&F in Embajadores UDD football championship

This event brought together more than 20 player from diferent careers and nations around the world. Played in UDD RESB campus, the cold weather wasn’t an impediment for the championship to be carried out in the best way. And everyone wanted to raise the cup.

The modality of the matches were composed of two teams with 6 players per side.

The main match was between “Embajadores Globales”, composed by chilean buddies, and in the other side exchange students. It was played with great intensity by both sides which led to a war on the scoreboard. After no clean sheets on the field, the foreigners team win the match.

When everything was happening and the player were playing with their hearts. H&F sponsored the waters to keep them all hydrated. What mitigated the fatigue of every move.

Here are some pics from this amazing day!

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