Volunteering in Chile

There are several NGOs and institutions that want to develop and improve Chile. One of the better ways for a foreigner to know deeply about the culture, lenguage and people  of a country  is participating in this activities. You will reach another perspective that you will never forget.

You will find that there are lot of different areas to do your volunteering. From construction to education, help is always welcome if you want to contribute.

Here we leave you  list who are looking for volunteers:

  1. Chile Inside:

This NGO has presence all over the country. They work with kids, orphans, crippled, homeless and everyone who is in social danger. You can share with them giving assistance and care.

Also they care about the enviroment. You can give a hand in rescue centers, animals, natural reserves and others.

to participate you must satisfy certain requirements and fullfil a registration. For more info click here!


  1. Servicio País:

With more than 20 years operating, this institution has the vision to eradicate poverty in the most abandoned places in the country. Working on the reintegration of this people through its volunteers. This is a perfect instance to know more about other realities.

To apply you must be a university student, with motivation, commitment, responsibility and creativity. For more info click here!


  1. Enseña Chile

This organization works with students who are in social vulnerability. Its volunteers teach all kind of subjects in the classrooms trying to impact their lives with the pursuit of a better future.

For more info click here!


  1. Chile Voluntario

Also known as “Voluntarios de Chile” this institution works as a networking web. Operating in several regions of the country, they connect all kind of NGOs with people who wants to work as volunteer. Also, its actively working on public policy design which impacts the chilean society.

For more info click here!

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