National Holidays: El “18”

Every country has its holiday day or, its national holidays. In places like the United States it is celebrated on July 4 or in Spain on October 12, in our country it is celebrated on September 18 (because that date, in the year 1810, the First Governing Board was assembled ). But the madness of “18” begins much earlier and ends much later. Of departure, it is not enough to say that 18 of september is the day of our country, since all September is considered the month of the motherland. Second, both September 18 and 19 are holidays, so there will always be a long weekend, sometimes up to 5 days, as it will be this 2018.

The national holidays in our country are unique and we assure you that you will enjoy them more than you can. This, because the environment is unparalleled and will undoubtedly be unforgettable days. To start, before and after the holidays (September 18 and 19), different “18 chicos” are made, which are, to give the beginning, or to close the month following the same line.

The Chilean traditions in the Independence Day are diverse, where the most important and characteristic is the “fonda”. The “fondas” are local that work during these dates for the sale of typical foods and drinks of different types, besides being a place of dance. These are usually agglomerated in different parts of the country, with innumerable restaurants that work during September, where the most coveted destination is usually the central coast. In Santiago, most parks have their respective inns, some being paid and others not.

The inns work throughout the day, and last until late hours. Among the typical dishes that are offered are the “anticucho”, “empanadas”, “choripanes” and “asados”. Among the typical drinks, there is always the beloved “piscola”, but during September there are drinks like “chicha” or “terremoto” (earthquake).

During the day, there are usually different games such as rodeo, palo encebado or rayuela. Also, one of the main traditions is the “cueca”, the typical dance of our country, which takes place in mixed couples. And at night, they usually play different national bands cumbia rhythms to make people dance.

There is no doubt that if you are lucky to be in September in our country, you will live a unique month of constant joy and sympathy on the part of the Chilean people. They will be days you will never forget.

FACT: It is important to know that during this date is where the maximum number of car accidents occur. So as House and Flats we remind you, if you drink alcohol, don’t  drive.

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