Types of wine

Around the world, Chile is known for its excellent strains and wine production. Each one of them is different from the others, which makes for different tastes, as well as some softer and others stronger.

Here is a list of the different strains and some of the most recognized brands in the country:

Sauvignon Blanc

Known to be French originally, it is the most popular strain for white wine in the world. In Chile, it is mainly found in the north and east of the capital. Its characteristics are its citrus aromas. It is important that it is well chilled.


Located mainly in the Casablanca Valley, it is known to be a strain with a neutral aroma, but with the perfect acidity. It is recognized as the best strain for white wine in the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Red. It has been cultivated for more than 150 years in our country (of French origin). The strain is favored due to the warm climate and ripe grapes, which ends up being an excellent raw material for wine. This strain gives rise to fruity wines with a high concentration of tannins. The aroma of these wines is similar to that of eucalyptus, as well as a great part of Chilean wines.


Red and light wine With a fruity characteristic and a sweeter flavor than the rest of the red wines. It has an intense ruby ​​color, with a scent of red fruits. You can drink young, even freshly made.


In the vineyards in the south of Santiago is where their production is based. Undoubtedly, it is the “icon” strain of Chilean wines, due to its worldwide prestige. It has an intense red color, with fruity flavor. It is a light or soft wine, with a slightly sweeter flavor than the rest.

Pinot Noir

With a soft color and intense ruby ​​color, Pinot Noir is characterized by a fresh acidity, with a flavor between raspberry and dried flowers. Its aroma alternates between strawberry, raspberry and roses.

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