Santiago on a bike

As there are more and more people who occupy the bicycle either as a  transport, or for sporting purposes, our city has also been prepared to give different routes to those lovers of two wheels. There are different walks, which can be quiet and familiar, as well as different circuits for those who like mountain biking a lot.

Here, we leave you the best routes and circuits for bicycle lovers:


Las Condes  – Bellas Artes

In this section, you will pedal through 4 communes, since the route goes from Las Condes to Vitacura, then passes through Providencia and culminates in the commune of Santiago. It is a family tour and low intensity, which goes through different urban parks.

The journey begins in Americo Vespucio with Bilbao (limit Las Condes – La Reina), heading towards Vitacura (Bicentenario Park) and then descending by the Mapocho 42K route until you reach the famous and renowned “Parque Forestal” in the commune of Santiago.


Cerro San Cristóbal

Known for being one of the most historic hills of the city, which has cableways and even the Metropolitan Zoo, Cerro San Cristóbal has 3 routes (from its 3 entrances) of different length and difficulty.

The first one goes from La Pirámide, which has less slope, but is the longest, with 7 kilometers. The second option is from Pío Nono, whose difficulty is higher than the other two, since it has the most difficult climb, which extends for 5.5 kilometers. Finally, there is the Pedro de Valdivia option, which is shorter and its rise does not have a steep slope.


Mapocho Pedaleable

With the intention of reviving the Mapocho River, there is the “Mapocho Pedaleable” project, a track suitable for cyclists and pedestrians, which extends for 7 kilometers in order to be an option to move and avoid the most congested points of all Santiago.

It is open every day from 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM.


Bike Park El Durazno

Located on La Dehesa Avenue, between Las Quebradas and El Peumo, this circuit is made for lovers of mountain biking. But, if you are experienced, this park is internationally recognized. The park is free and has different signs and maps of the place to go as a family if you wish.




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