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If there is something that Chileans must recognize, it is that our Spanish is not very easy to understand. Besides we tend to speak very fast, we also have many “own” words known as “chilenismos” that will leave you thinking “what they really wanted to say?”. For that reason, we leave you a list below with some of the most typical terms in Chile, that will help you understand the rest of the people:

Altiro: immediately.

Aweonao: stupid or silly. “Don’t be aweonao”.

Brígido: word which is used to demonstrate an exaggeration in a situation  characteristic of something. “The crash was brígido”.

Bacán: something very good. “The food was bacán”.

Caleta: a lot. “There is caleta of dogs”.

Conchatumadre: Just what it means in the rest of the world, but here we abbreviate it in “CTM”.

Fome: something boring.

Carrete: party. It has derivatives such as “I’m carreteado”, it means “I’m enfiestado” (I’m spoiled).

Guata: belly.

Chucha: used to denote surprise or concern. “Chucha, I fell asleep.”

It is also used to exaggerate things: “I’m more tired than la chucha” or commonly as

“Chucha, I screwed up.” Do not confuse with “Chuchá” or “chuchada” which means something like a sermon of expletives.

Lata: when I do not want to do something “me da lata”.  “I don’t want to go to the supermarket, me da lata”.

Copete: alcoholic drink. “let’s go buy copete”.

La dura?: Seriously?

La raja: something that is very good. “The match was la raja.”

Pega: work.

Huevear: to bother, in good or bad way. (“Déjate de webiar” or “Vamos a webiar” – let’s party-)

Hueón: pronounced weón. Silly.  It is not offensive, but is used in friendly terms (and is one of the words most used by Chileans).

Seco: to be very good at something

Pololo – Polola: Boyfriend – Girlfriend (respectively)

Pelar: speak badly of a person behind his back.

Pico: penis (it could also be used to exaggerate something)

Zorra: Vagina (it could also be used as “bacán”, something great)

Wea: Thing

With these words, undoubtedly your arrival in the country will be more relaxed and as time passes you will see how easy they incorporate into your mental dictionary. We do not speak very well, but that’s how we do it. 

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