Earthquakes And Chileans

The large chilean coast beyond all the landscapes and environmental ecosystem, has something that characterise our country. We find ourselves in constant collision with the Nazca plate, which bring us a lot of telluric movements.

Yes, Chile is a seismic country and unfortunately we have had the biggest earthquakes of all time. the strongest was in Valdivia in the year 1960 with a magnitude of 9.5  MW.

Obviously this experience is not common  if you are foreigner. Maybe it is goign to ve scary the first time, but stay calm and after a few times you will be in shape. This is part of our culture and if you want to becoma a real chilean you will learn how to not take care about quakes.

If you don’t feel safe when this happens, look around and see what people is doing. Also, when a quake is stronger, Insitutions have an emergency plan which must be followed by everyone. You will be safe, and in most cases everybody will be doing their things and not taking care about the movement.

Here we live you this hilarious Chilean’s earthquake guide of The Clinic:

1 to 3 Richter-Absolutely no reaction: The Chileans have mutated and we are unable to feel such soft seismic movements. We are something like the X-men of the earthquake.

4 to 5 – No reaction: The Chilean knows that is a soft quake, but he will not interrupt what he is doing.

6 -The Chilean says “I feel something”: You will think that it is the end of the world, but nothing happens. Look at the Chilean with attention and wait. Please return to our country, or at least not make us a bad reputation.

7 -The Chilean says “its strong…”: We can start talking that is a real earthquake. In other countries it would be a total cataclysm, but here the constructions that resist a lot. Okay, we understand if you never want to go back to Chile. Hire a good psychologist for post- traumatic stress (seriously).

8 -The Chilean says “CSM!” (Find meaning of this abbreviation): Lean on something to not fall to the ground. Do exactly the same as the Chilean. Try not to cry and less to scream. It is very likely that nothing happens.

9 + – The Chilean is praying (and that does not believe in anything):. Take cover and if you believe in something, pray. If not, think about your loved ones because everything has come to an end.


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