This iconic city is the capital of Los Ríos Region. It is immersed in a forest surrounded by rivers  such as the “Calle Calle”, “Cau Cau”, “Valdivia” and “Las Cruces”. Valdivia has its beuty in his preservation and the cultural mix between Mapuches, Spaniards and above all, Germans.

Inn Valdivia you will find:

1. Fluvial Market: located on Costanera Avenue,  offers local products, especially seafood. you can see commonly sea lions that constantly approach the shore.

2. Botanical Garden: this garden has more than 950 plant species and is a must for all natural lovers.

3. Parque Saval: in Isla Teja, this recreational park is for everyone who visit Valvidia. You can rent horses, grills, picnic areas, football fields and much more.

It is a famous having  for events in the area and the biggest one is the Bierfest. (Hacer Articulo y pegar link)

4. Alerce Costero National Park: located in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. This natural enviroment allows you to admire millenary Alerces.

5. Kunstmann Brewery: For all beer lovers this is a classic thing to do in Valdivia. Taking advantage of the German heritage, offers different types of craft beers and all kind of delicious dishes.

Places near Valdivia:
– Corral Bay
– Ranco Lake
– Niebla

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