Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in southern Chile. Pucon is surrounded by a native forest at the foot of the Villarica volcano and by the waters of the lake which has the same name. Also its architecture will surprise you due to the Mapuche-German cultural mix.

Pucón is an ideal place to walk and get lost in the town through its passages. You will find different kind of galleries, stores, pubs and restaurant. In summer you must consider that the flow of tourist rise noticeably, where parties and young people fill the streets.

What to do in Pucón:

  • Villarrica: on the opposite side of the lake is the town of Villarrica, a place that offers beautiful landscapes.
  • Thermal baths: around Pucón are different centers that offer hot springs at high temperature. Each center has a different charm, so you can find out to see which option is the most appropriate for you.
  • Huerquehue National Park: Located in the Andes Mountains and with 12,500 hectares. In this national park you will find different kind of native animals such as the Valdivian mole mouse, Choroy parrot and Darwin frog. In addition, there are 5 trails for trekking surrounded by “Araucarias”.

Sports you must do:

  • Climbing the Villarica Volcano: for lovers of trekking and nature this is an unforgettable ride. It offers a beautiful landscape from the summit. You can take a tour from an agency at the town with experts guides. Over 15,000 tourists annually climb this volcano, known as the most active in Chile.
  • Rafting at Trancura river: If you are addicted to adrenaline it is better that you don’t miss this ride. There are a lot of ways to go down the river so book with an agency who suits you. Trancura river is known worldwide for the rapids that it has.

Other places close to Pucón:

  • Caburga Lake
  • Licán Ray
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