Parque Nacional 7 Tazas

This park, which belongs to CONAF, is located 326 km from Santiago, in Maule region. It has more than 4,000 hectares and the main atractions are 7 natural pools. The landscape and roads are perfect to trekking.

How to get to:

Pullman Bus Sur company offers departures from Santiago to Molina every 1 hour. These tickets are only sold in person. Once in Molina, you can get to the park from the Rural station at Molina, through the bus company Radal 7 Tazas.


  • Siete Tazas: It is a rock formation where the “Claro” river flows through 7 natural pools called “7 tazas”. It has 2 viewponts and is the main atraction in the park.
  • Salto Velo de la Novia: There is a viewpoint that you can reach after 2 trekking hours. Also, you can see it from the bus before entering the park.
  • Salto de la Leona: Surrounded by a forest, there is a wooden viewpoint to admire this incredible 15 meters waterfal. It has de perfect scene to shot a beatiful picture.


  • Camping: Radal (town) or English Park. None of them is inside the park.
  • In the area you will find several cabins and residences where you can rest.
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