Cajón del Maipo

This pleasant place is just an hour from Santiago and is perfect to spend a weekend . It offers a beautiful landscape to enjoy nature, spot native animals and taste the incredible gastronomy of the area.

Cajón del Maipo also allows you to practice sports such as rafting, canopy, trekking or windsurfing.

What to do in the Cajón del Maipo:

– Baños Morales: In the small town of “Baños Morales”, you will find two thermal pools with a temperature above 25 degrees Celsius (77º F). In addition, you can take recreational walks or horseback riding. In this area, there are also several alternatives to spend the night, such as hostels, cabins or shelters.

– Monumento Natural El Morado: Also located in the town of “Baños Morales”, the Monumento Natural El Morado is a perfect place to spend developing activities such as mountaineering, climbing, trekking, horseback riding or hiking.

– Embalse el Yeso: in the middle of the Andes mountain range, this reservoir is located 73 kilometers away from Santiago. Its landscape changes trough the year, so don’t miss the opportunity to see the turquoise waters.

– Bar La Oveja Negra: well-known bar-restaurant of Chilean food located in the Plaza de Armas of the town, with a unique view of the village church, declared a Historical Monument.

To know the rest of the gastronomic offers of the sector visit:


Cabins, hotels, hostels, hostels and shelters are some of the options offered by Cajon
del Maipo for its tourists.

To know the different options you can visit:

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