Valle de Elqui

The Valley is located in the province of Elqui, at Coquimbo region. Is famous by Syrah and Carmenére wine production.

Also, you can book an appointment to walk through one of many “Pisqueras” and try different mixtures of this national beverage called “Pisco”.  You will test your senses and can shopping at the end of the tour.

Elqui valley offers a great landscape and weather to practice all kind of sports. There are trekking routes where you can do horseback riding and biking.

If you are looking to eat something, you can enjoy the classic empanada or take one “humita”. At the end you can try a delicious “Mote con huesillo”.

Finally, in the valley you can find the Puclaro Reservoir. There will be riders  windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the optimal wind conditions.

What to do:

– Pisquera Capel
– Viña Elqui Wines
– Pisquera Aba
– El Molle
– Cerro Tololo Observatory
– Cochiguaz Valley
– Embalse Puclaro

For your accommodation, the Elqui Valley has several hostels, cabins and
hotels where you can stay.

* Another option to get to the valley is to go to the cities of Coquimbo or La Serena (which are located 53 kilometers from the valley) and visit the Elqui Valley by day.

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