Las Condes

One of the largest districts in Santiago , is located between the Andes mountains and “El Golf” neighborhood. It is inhabited largely  by the richest socio-economic class in the country. Inside Las Condes you will find important residential and business areas.

Here you will meet historical places, just like “Los Dominicos” church with their near little town with the same name. Also, Las Condes offers a lot of green areas and shopping malls to take a walk.  If you are going to work in Santiago, the business area at “Rosario Norte” probably will be your workplace, having modern buildings and a lot of life due to executives and restaurants in this place.

If you are going to experience living abroad at Chile, one of the best places to live in Las Condes is “Escuela Militar“. Its connectivity and flats offer is a good option to find a new home. It is located in the metro station with the same name.

Where to go:

  • Parque Araucano
  • Parque Juan Pablo II
  • Pueblito Los Dominicos
  • Sanhattan
  • El Golf
  • Shopping Malls: Alto las Condes, Parque Arauco, Mall Sport, Apumanque
  • Football stadium “San Carlos de Apoquindo” which belongs to “Club Deportivo Universidad Católica”


  • Metro Line 1,  from “Los Dominicos” to “El Golf”.


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