The best beaches near Santiago

Cachagua - "Las Cujas"
Santiago is a few hours from the Pacific ocean. Here we leave you the list with the most populars and iconics in the area.
  • Algarrobo – Playa El Canelo: It is the most traditional beach in Algarrobo. This is where historically people from different parts of the country have come to enjoy its white sands and clear waters. Near it, is the beach “El Canelillo”, which is usually quieter.
  • Viña del Mar – Playa Acapulco: The most visited beach in Viña. It is located on the side of San Martin Avenue, one of the main streets of the city. With a long wooden walkway and ending with the Vergara Pier, you can enjoy a quiet environment. You don’t need to move, due to the proximity of different places to eat and drink. Ideal to stay all day.
  • Reñaca: It has an extensive beach divided in 5 sectors. Each one is different and this is where vacationers from different countries arrive, especially from Argentina in January. In front of the beach you can find staggered buildings, restaurants and bars.
  • Concón – Playa Amarilla: This attractive and quiet beach is located in an old and residential area. It is perfect to walk along the waterfront and eat a delicious “empanada” in the surrounding premises.
  • Maitencillo: In this town there are two extensive beaches. These are at a distance from each other. To the south is “Aguas Blancas”, which is more familiar and quiet. On the other hand, there is “El Abanico”, which has a high movement and the presence of surfers, an iconic landscape of Maitencillo. It is ideal for walking, where you will find restaurants and food trucks, as well as different craft fairs.
  • Cachagua – Las Cujas: This exclusive place has more than one beach, but without doubt, the most loved is “Las Cujas”. It is small and little crowded. Because its turquoise waters, rocks and white sand, you can spot different kind of starfish, crabs, and fishes.
  • Zapallar: Known as one of the most beautiful and exclusive places on the central coast. It is surrounded by hills, with hiking trails and viewpoints. Also has wonderful restaurants facing the sea. It is a very quiet and residential area, nice to go to relax with friends or family.
  • Papudo: This beach has good weather almost the whole year. Its  architecture and restaurants are perfect to walk around the beach and eat something. This bay present a lot of history, it was the habitat of the Chango culture. Also, it suffered the the landing of the feared corsair Francis Drake.
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