Night in Santiago: The best Bars

If you come in an exchange program to Chile, you must know that “nightlife” is something important in our capital.

There are several options to enjoy different drinks.

Wine and beer are requested, but “piscola” is a must in your stay. This mixture between Pisco and Coke is loved for everyone who take the chance to try it.

Here we go with the list of unmissable bars in our capital. You will enjoy delicious drinks with good company:

-La Piojera: Emblematic bar in the capital city center. Shows the essence of Chilean folks. This place is famous for serving the Chilean drink called “Terremoto”. It will make you feel that you are in national festivities.

-Liguria: It is open since 1990 and has been an iconic place for Chileans and foreigners. In this place you can order food and drinks in a environment full of harmony. Don’t miss the best known of them at Manuel Montt Av. The best place to meet new people.

-Chipe Libre: Self-proclaimed as the “Independent Republic of Pisco”. Show a mixture of Chilean and Peruvian culture. The two countries most linked to this beverage. This bar is a must if you are in Barrio Lastarria.

-The Clinic Bar: Is born by the famous weekly “funny” magazine of the same name. This irreverent bar captivates every client. You will have fun with different “chilenismos” that you will find in the menu. Because of their multiple locations we invite you to visit

-Boca Nariz: Located in Barrio Lastarria, it aims to be a “wine-bar” which an extensive list. Has a relaxed atmosphere, and the owners will attend clients. You will have a great time knowing the history behind each wine with a perfect food.

-De la Ostia: In this spanish bar you will have a great time tasting all kind of “tapas” with a “sangría” jar. It is located in Orrego Luco, Providencia.

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