Sunday at Manquehue’s peak

Moritz Isken is an exchange student at UDD of the University of Maastricht, Nederlands. In this article, he talks about Manquehue's experience with Embajadores Globales UDD and H&F

On Sunday, 25.03, we climbed the Cerro Manquehue with a group of around 40 exchange students of the UDD. The ascent was partly challenging because of the steepness path and the relentless sun on our backs. The mountainside itself offers little shade, but an astonishing view over Santiago, which gets better and better the higher one gets up. Additionally, the Cerro Manquehue is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to escape the smog of Santiago and fill their lungs with some fresh air. The very last section of the trail includes some climbing over rocks which adds a little more excitement to the trip.

Arriving at the top, one is finally free of the smog of Santiago and is presented with an astonishing view over part of the city. We started our ascent at around 17:00 to experience the sunset on the summit and it was worth every step of the way. From the summit of Cerro Manquehue, one is able to watch an amazing sunset, followed by a moonlit decent back to the starting point of the trip. However, I advise to come prepared with some flashlights and someone who knows their way around the mountain, as to not get lost in the dark. All in all, it was a great one-day hike and I would recommend it to anyone who can spare a day of their stay in Santiago de Chile.

by Moritz Isken

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