Have you try Empanadas?

An “empanada” is a folk traditional dish that consists of a dough that can be filled with an infinity of varieties according to the taste of each person.

It can be prepared baked or fried. Here we show you the most common types:


Empanada de Pino

The most famous and preferred by Chileans. It is filled with “pino” which consist in a mixture of meat, onion, spices, olive, hard-boiled egg and sometimes raisins



 Tomatoes in small cubes, mozzarella cheese, olives, mushrooms and ham, everything like a classic pizza but in this iconic modality



 This empanada its only filled with one ingredient, maybe you will think it is boring but all that melted cheese worth it!



This must be fried. Mariscos empanada is filled with assortment of seafood, onion, cilantro and spices. The perfect mixture for hangovers.


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