Santiago (Historical center)

This was the first place where the Spanish conqueror “Pedro de Valdivia” settled to build the city. Santiago was born in 1541 with the main square “Plaza de Armas” surrounded by the cathedral, jail and governor’s house.

Nowadays these historical buildings suffered transformations. “Casas de Cabildo” is nowadays the municipality, the “Real Audiencia” changed to be the “Museo Hístorico Nacional” and the governor’s house is the post office of “Correos Chile”.

During the XX century, the Historical Center suffered the exodus of families to another areas in the Capital. Thats why now is a place full of offices and merchants.

Source: Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago

H&F fact: There is a flow of more than a million people who travel through the city center

Where to go:

  • Pedestrian walks
  • Comercial galleries
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Plaza constitución
  • Palacio La Moneda
  • Bar “La Piojera”


  • Metro Plaza de Armas
  • Metro La Moneda
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