Plaza Ñuñoa

This area at Ñuñoa district is one of the favorite places by everybody. This square is surrounded by cozy restaurants which are attended by friendly people. Also there are bars which are great places to listen live music.


This area has grown in a powerful way the last years. The offer of appartments nowadays is very attractive to find a fair-price new home. Despite all the new buildings, the neighborhood doesn’t loose its authenticity.

“Plaza Ñuñoa” has a nice nightlife mixed with some cultural places. There are also sport areas to practice skate and related sports just a few blocks from the square.

So don’t miss to visit this lovely place where you can find your place and have fun!


Where to go:

  • Las Lanzas
  • El Dante
  • Teatro Universidad Católica
  • Bar The Clinic


  • Transantiago Bus in “Avenida Irarrazabal”.
  • Plaza Egaña metro station or  Ñuñoa metro station.
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