Barrio Yungay

Is one of the most important neighbourhood in the history of Santiago. It was the second urban settlement after the capital center. Nowadays Yungay is a good exponent of the culture and arts in our country.

Here you can find the Santiago’s Library and the “Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos humanos”. They are ones of the main cultural places around the area and where you can learn about  chilean culture.

You can feel that you are in the past centuries walking through its alleys and old streets. Despite this, Yungay is a place full of live in which the people of the area cares about keeping every place with the old style in perfect condition. Becouse of that commitment, nowadays is a very atractive neigborhood.


Where to go:

  • Museo de la Memoria
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Quinta Normal
  • Museo Nacional de Historia Natural
  • El Andén de Yungay
  • Fuente Mardoqueo


Metro Línea 5: Quinta Normal Station.

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