Barrio República

These neighborhoods converge in an area of distinguished past. They are symbols of the urban transformations that the capital underwent in the 19th century. It becomes from the great fortunes generated by mining, agriculture and construction, among other prosperous economic activities.

Its transformation began with the construction of “Parque Cousiño”, current “Parque O’Higgins”. This forced the opening of new streets to connect it with Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins, which accelerated the urban development of the area and the creation of an elegant exclusive residential neighborhood.

It was there where wealthy families built their residences. A clear reflection of this reality was the construction of the Cousiño, Errázuriz and Irarrázaval palaces, equipped with the first elevators, central heating systems and interior decoration brought from the Old Continent. Families linked to the military world were also established, attracted by the presence of the “Campo de Marte” and the proximity to the old “Escuela Militar”, now the Military Historical Museum.

“República”, “Dieciocho” and “Ejercito” avenues are indicators of the economic prosperity of the time. For example, República was the first avenue in the capital to have paved streets and houses lit with electric power.

Nowadays, the heart of this area is known as a University District, due to the educational institutions that operate there and where more than 100 thousand students study. It is a presence that has consolidated the neighborhood as a pole of urban, cultural and educational coexistence, granting a stamp of vitality and validity to the same streets where, more than a century ago, the richest Santiago families settled down.

H&F fact: Calle Dieciocho was declared a Typical Zone in 1983 and Avenida República in 1992.

Source: Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago


Where to go:

  • Iglesia de San Lázaro
  • Iglesia de San Ignacio de Loyola
  • Palacio Cousiño


  • Metro República
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