Barrio Lastarria/Bellas Artes

This “little town” in the middle of the city center is particularly known for its vintage style. There you will find iconic restaurants with a great gastronomic offer. Also walking on their cozy streets you will see little design stores and art galleries. Its perfect for cultural and social meetings!

Its begins at the bottom of “Cerro Santa Lucía” in middle of XIX century when the hill changed to be a public park. Also is really near “Parque Forestal” and “Museo de Bellas Artes” which determined the development of the area.

Nowadays its a perfect place to scape from the city center because of its quite and green atmosphere. Here you will meet workshops and homes of several painters, writers, artists and architects. The most known are Camilo Mori, Luis Orrego Luco and Nemesio Antunez.

Its architecture is influenced by Luciano Kulczewski and his neogotic style of the XX century which fits with the curved and short alleys.

In its history has a lot of transformations. First was an aristocratic residential area in the beginings of the XX century. Then, because of the city development, changes to be a comercial area. Finally at the 90’s many intelectuals and artists migrated here in consecuence of its cultural boom by the inaguration of museums and art galleries.

Source: Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago

H&F fact: It is recognized as a heritage area since 1997

Where to go:

  • Triangulo Monjitas-Mosqueto-Merced
  • Feria de anticuarios y libreros.
  • Puentes metálicos sobre el rio Mapocho.
  • Museo Bellas Artes
  • Museo Arqueológico y de Artes Visuales
  • Iglesia de Vera Cruz
  • Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro
  • Parque Forestal
  • Cerro Santa Lucía


  • Metro Universidad Católica
  • Metro Bellas Artes
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