Barrio Italia

This neighborhood takes his name because of the avenue of the same name, “Avenida Italia”. It is located between Ñuñoa and Santiago Communes and is famous for its artistic and gastronomic diversity.

In “Avenida Italia” and “Avenida Condell” you can find the main interesting points in the area. Culturally there are a lot of design galeries and decoration stores. Also you will find old residences and restoration workshops.

Well know for being a neighborhood funded by immigrants, the area offers to you a wide variety of many kinds of food and cultures. You can see chilean, italian, japanese and much more cozy restaurants and bars. All this mixtures shows how colorful and alive is the nightlife in the area.

So don’t miss to walk through its art galleries, drink a coffe and lunch in this neighborhood. You will not regret to “breathe” Barrio Italia atmosphere.



Typical Places:

  • Casa Guacola
  • Parroquia San Crescente
  • Anticuarios y restauradores en la calle Caupolicán
  • Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva


  • Metro Santa Lucía
  • Transantiago Bus in “Avenida el Salvador”.
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