Barrio Brasil

This neighborhood has a lot of history to tell in its streets. Long ago it was the area where aristocratic families use to live in their mansions since the “mineral boom” in Chile at XIX century. Nowadays its architectonic value mix perfectly with the several offer of restaurants, bars and coffees.

Barrio Brasil owes its name to the big Avenue that cross it from the north to the south.  You will find a lot of emblematic buildings as “Edificio del Arzobispado” and “Palacio Larraín” which were built in the first decades of the last century. Also you will spot “Fundación Victor Jara” and “Juegos Federica” making colorful delivering color and dynamism to the area.

Inside this neighborhood is a place called “Concha y Toro”. A perfect scene to view cozy houses with an european style. Don’t miss to walk around this wonderful place.

H&F fact: Barrio Brasil was recognized as heritage area since 2009.

Source: Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago

Where to go:

  • Concha y Toro
  • Anticuario Galpón de los Reyes
  • Parque de los Reyes
  • Plaza Brasil


  • Metro Los Héroes
  • Metro Santa Ana
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